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Haoma Divine Bird



Haoma is recorded as a mythical sacred plant in ancient Persian and Zoroastrian culture.

Haoma is also often personified as a divinity. This magical plant bestows essential vital qualities —health, fertility and even immortality.

Legends say that the source of the earthly Haoma plant is a shining white tree that grows on a paradisiacal mountain and that the sprigs of it were brought to earth by divine birds.

Haoma is built on the power of plants. Each Haoma product is made by hand in small batches.

We take pride in using only certified organic, pure plant ingredients; and we campaign against the use of emulsifiers, preservatives and unsustainable materials.

Some years ago I realised what I put on my body everyday feels and looks so unnatural.

I thought to myself “Can I even pronounce a quarter of the ingredients listed on the label of my deodorant I use everyday?”

I was studying my masters in the historical spa City of Bath. Having lost many dear friends and family members to cancer as well as many others suffering from chronic illnesses, I realised we are doing something essentially very wrong.

We gave up all those beautiful recipes we used to have, just less than a century ago, and substituted them with more commercial and synthetic ingredients. Yes, industrialisation brought us many benefits but we still have to make clever choices for the sustainability and wellbeing of our planet and all that live in it.

One day in my university halls I had a revelation, as though I had been struck by lightning— I decided to do some research on how soap was actually made and eventually I found out that traditionally it was simply just fat and alkaline!

Ash is a very well known alkaline and as legend goes: ‘When people were cooking meat in ancient times they would not manage to clean their grills properly. Ash built up over time and got mixed with the animal fat on the grill. Strangely enough they realised this mixture formed a peculiar substance that foamed up when it rained..’ Voila!! This is your most basic soap.

Humankind have been using olive oil and various different oils and alkaline to make soap for centuries until the 1900s.

This made me so excited but sad at the same time. Why are we then using soap that has so many synthetic and carcinogenic ingredients when we can make soap with wonderfully healthy and nourishing oils and alkaline.

This naturally pushed me to look for more products, learn how they are made, and find natural ways to produce them..

Making Soap

My journey started in my university accommodation in my small room where I started making deodorants only using organic and non-processed ingredients for myself. Now Haoma is offering an ever-growing range of products using the same principles. All I want for earth is sustainability, harmony and a bright future. Please join me in my adventure.

Enis Anteplioglu - Founder of Haoma