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Preservative Free Cosmetics

1) No Emulsifiers and Preservatives

This is one of Haoma's core principles. Only a handful of brands in the world offer this. We are a key producer in the UK committed to offering products without preservatives and emulsifiers. We actively develop and opt for formulations that do not require the use of these ingredients. Visit our FAQ section to learn why we are dedicated to this principle.

2) We Fight Against the Greenwashing Around 'Plant-Derived' and Processed Ingredients

None of our products contain plant-derived ingredients. These ingredients start off as a natural product and are then heavily processed into something completely different and often synthetic. We feel great responsibility to raising awareness on this due to the damage they are having on our bodies and on our planet.

Handmade Organic Cosmetics

3) Certified Organic

All Haoma products are certified organic by the strictest standards. We are so passionate about Certified Organic ingredients in your products because certification ensures -

Higher levels of antioxidants (up to 60%) Transparent manufacturing processes Biodegradable ingredients Protecting wildlife and biodiversity

Did you know?

  • 50 roses are needed to produce a single drop of rose essential oil, and 5000 kilograms of roses for 1 kilogram of rose essential oil
  • 3 pounds of lavender is needed to produce 15ml of lavender essential oil
  • 3000 lemons are needed to produce 2 pounds of lemon essential oil

Now Imagine

All the pesticides, GMOs, and herbicides used on vast farmland for production. The effects of this on the local community, farmers, wildlife, bees, planet...

3000 lemons treated with wax, fungicides, pesticides being distilled to make a very potent toxic essential oil to go on your skin..

Think Again

Essential oils are very potent distillations of plants and they are the key ingredients in natural cosmetics alongside plant extractions, oils and butters. By using non-organic, non-certified natural cosmetics we may risk exposing ourselves to potent toxins, damage local communities, wildlife and our planet.

4) Certified Vegan

All of our products are certified vegan by the Vegan Society. We do not test on animals, we do not use any ingredients of animal origin and we do not use any ingredients that involve animals in their production processes.

5) We Advocate Purity and Simplicity

We believe what we put on our skin needs to be as pure as possible and minimally processed. This way we ensure a more harmonious future for our planet and all that live in it. We are dedicated to bringing novel formulations and ingredients to achieve almost edible products with the highest efficacy.

Pure Cosmetics

6) Handmade and Small Batches

We believe making things by hand results in a product that embodies care, thought and craftsmanship. These are all marks of quality which we are dedicated to. Small batches of production ensures this quality while providing freshness and eliminating waste.

7) We Use Miron Violet Glass and We Fight Against Plastics

We refuse to use recycled and bioplastics due to the potential harm they pose on the ecosystem. Instead we use the ancient method to store and preserve our products. Haoma products come in naturally violet coloured Miron glass utilising the science of Biophotonics with selective UV filtration.

Haoma Logo

8) Progressive and Open

Change is embedded in our culture. We constantly seek to improve our products through innovation and feedback. Your wellbeing is so important to us as we all share the same planet. We would love to hear from you to implement any improvements.