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Imperfect Soaps

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Here at Haoma everything is handmade and premium quality but sometimes things don’t go according to plan. ⁣

These soaps have the same super moisturising and gentle cleaning qualities but we did a poor job stamping them or cutting them.

Some of them were wrapped in vegetable dyed paper and the colours transferred on the soaps. ⁣
No waste here at Haoma so they are offered at half price. This way you can experience the pure organic Haoma quality for a little less.⁣
Do not forget, Haoma soaps are not just for hands, they are incredible for face and body too. You will be surprised to see how moisturising, creamy and rich they are. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Best of many trials

Coming back tonight to order more soap, clear difference between Haoma and other soaps trialled recently. Have been shopping around to find a new routine and products for plastic free toiletries, Haoma is best for our family use. Rich foam, gentle scent, no itchy dryness. Well done!

Lovely Soap

Lovely soap leaves skin feeling very soft, I use it on my face, no scent, and no dry tight feeling after using. I will be buying it again.

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